Rev. Earnest W. Storer's Christmas message to the men and women of Litherland serving in the Armed Forces

Litherland Vicarage  
December 1942.    
My Dear Friend,
               Again Christmas is drawing near to a world at
war and its bright and hopefull message should be welcome
everywhere. I am writing to send you, on behalf of our Church,
our united good wishes and happy greetings. With the help of
friends at both St Philip's and St Paul's, I am sending also
a small gift as a token of remembrance and of our interest in
your well-being. May it call to mind thoughts of home and of
the worship and service of God carried on here. We are looking
forward to a brighter and better state of affairs in the world
when the war is over. May the Christmas message of peace and
goodwill bring cheer and comfort to all who are working for
this. I hope that you will have a happy Christmas and that
the New Year will bring Victory and Peace. I shall be glad to
hear that you have received this safely.
         With every good wish,
                  Yours very sincerly,
                          Earnest W. Storer.

Christmas 1942 Edition

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