3rd Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers
Every Battalion of the Royal Welch Fusiliers has a Regimental Goat. The goat is always a billy goat and is not a mascot but a member of the Regiment. The goat is looked after by an uncommissioned soldier called the 'Goat Major'. The origin of the Regimental Goat, which marches at the head of each Battalion, is not known but it is believed that a goat served with the Regiment in Boston in 1775 during the American Civil War. Queen Victoria presented the Regiment with a Kashmir goat from the royal herd in 1844 and successive sovereigns have replaced them ever since.

The goat has a silver headplate identifying him as the gift of the Sovereign and would lead the regiment to church parades/parades in Litherland. He may also have led parades to the Welsh Chapel in Marsh Lane, which was a place of worship to some of the men from Litherland Army Camp.

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