: Herbert E. Bulmer, ARCA | Sculptor: Hermon Cawthera, ARCA | Builder: Henry A. Clegg & Sons of Chester

Twelve-sided base on two circular steps has panels inscribed with the names between pilasters; three panels break forward. Above this is a triangular, concave sided obelisk supporting a figure of mother and child. Flanking the obelisk on three sides are figures of soldier, sailor and airman.

Part of work
Base and Pedestal

York Stone
Forest of Dean Stone

6 ft 9 in tall -8 ft 9 in tall

According to the minutes, the idea of a War Memorial was first discussed in March 1920 at the wish of the Mayor, and a Memorial Sub-Committee was duly set up. Its form was discussed in May in two meetings, but no decision was made and the town clerk was asked to obtain further information regarding monuments in other towns. The Clerk duly reported on the situation in thirteen towns and it was resolved that a memorial be situated in either Stanley or Morton Gardens. The Corporation agreed to give £2000, any further cost to be met by subscription.
     The form the monument should take however, caused problems and it was eventually resolved to discuss the matter in a public meeting on the 8th September 1920, the results of which were reported in the minutes of the Finance Committee in September 1920. It was resolved 'That a Memorial should be erected in some suitable position in the Borough to Commemorate the sacrifice made by the members of the Borough, who gave their lives whilst serving their country during the late War: that subscriptions be invited for that purpose: that the Bootle Corporation be asked to subscribe the sum of £2000 thereto: and that the surplus in hand after the erection of the proposed Memorial be utilised as a fund for the assistance of widows, children and dependants of men who made the supreme sacrifice.
     It was also resolved that the committee to oversee the project would be made up of three members of the Finance Committee who had lost sons or brothers in the War, three men and three women not represented on the Council who had suffered the same loss, together with the Mayor and the Chairman of the Finance Committee. The memorial fund was opened with the £2000 pledged by the Corporation, and a week later the site was fixed as in Stanley Gardens. The contractors, Henry A. Clegg & Sons of Chester were chosen to undertake the memorial's stonework in May 1922.     
hus a period of approximately eighteen months remains unaccounted for in the documentation. It seems likely that the time was occupied with waiting for Bulmer's designs and arranging for the casting of the monument by Cawthera.
     The remaining minute entries of note refer to the unveiling ceremony. Major James Burnie, M.C. was invited to unveil the monument on 15th October 1922. It was also arranged that the Mayor should declare the memorial a gift to the town of Bootle in perpetuity and the Chairman of the Committee would accept guardianship on behalf of the town. In a meeting of the Finance Committee on the day following the unveiling, congratulations were offered to the War Memorial Committee for their organisational efforts.
     Financial matters remained to be resolved. It was agreed that the Memorial Committee should meet half the cost of laying out the garden plot around the monument (£25.3.0d). At the same meeting it was also noted that further tablets were required for the names of the dead, the cost presumably being met from surplus in the Memorial Fund.

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