Looking down Beach Road from the Bridge Road end with Beach Road school visible flying the flag. The entrance to Tattersall Road is on the right-hand side near to the lamp-post. The houses shown were numbered: Left-side 1-35 - Right-side 2-22.

Litherland at War WWI Beach Road
Photographed sometime during the First World War when Beach Road council schools were taken over by the Medical Department of the War Office and used as a military hospital 1917-1920. The hospital was known as 'The Seaforth Hospital' under the matronage of Lady Commandant, Miss ? Taylor, Q.A.M.I.N.S. (Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service). The hospital had accommodation for up to 210 sick/wounded soldiers.

The children from the Boy's Junior and Girl's Junior School departments were moved to the Wesleyan Sunday School building and St Philip's Church Hall on Linacre Road; returning in 1920 when the school was taken back under control of the education authority.

The people of Litherland responded well to an appeal by the vicar of St Philip's, Rev. Lander for money, comforts and various items for the soldiers and hospital. Support for the hospital from the people of Litherland continued throughout the war and up until its closure.

Items called for in Rev. Lander's appeal: Knitted helmets, knitted dish-clothes, strong garden seats, books/magazines (not old ones), daily papers (not more than a day old), egg cups (in enamel or wood)
, small bags (for patients use), face clothes.

The 'Litherland Sewing Party' also made from 'oil baize' small table clothes for every bedside locker in the hospital, totalling over 200. The 'Sewing Party' worked tirelessly throughout the war for the 'District Centre' for the distribution of comforts and gifts for wounded soldiers and sailors. The centre being run by Liverpool's lady mayoress initially from Liverpool Town Hall and then from the Lady Mayoress Bureau at Gambier Terrace.

Letters of thanks received by Mrs Wilkinson of Litherland at the beginning of the war from the 'Lady Mayoress Bureau':
The Town Hall
Liverpool W. l
10th Sepember 1914
Lady Mayoress Bureau
1 Gambier Terrace
October 1914

Dear Madam,
       Will you please thank the members of the Litherland Sewing Party very warmly from me for all the things they have sent us. I appreciate very much the work they have done.

        Yours faithfully,
                         Winifred Rathbone.

The Lady Mayoress sends her warmest thanks to Mrs Wilkinson and the Ladies of the Litherland Sewing Party for their most kind gifts of mufflers, belts, pyjamas, socks, mittens, etc., and cannot express how grateful she is for all their kind help, and much appreciates their gifts to her Bureau.

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