Herman was the grandfather of my mother's first husband, Tommy Read who died in WWII and the great-grandfather of my brothers Tommy & Kenny Read
Ronnie Cusworth 2006
Herman Wagner was German born and moved to England sometime in the late 1880s settling in Liverpool. He was employed by Liverpool Corporation Tramways as a horse-drawn tram driver. In 1901 he moved from Kirkdale with his Liverpool born wife Eliza and family to Litherland, moving in to Hinton Street; to work out of the Litherland Tram Depot.

Up until the electrification of the Litherland stretch of the Liverpool Corporation tramway network in 1903, the Litherland depot still stabled and ran horse-drawn tram cars. On the 25th August, 1903 Herman Wagner drove horse car number 330 out of the Litherland tram sheds on Linacre Road – the last horse-drawn tram car to run on the Liverpool network. Herman continued working at the Litherland depot driving electric tram cars.

During the First World War, two of Herman's five sons William and Robert Wagner died; William dying of wounds and Robert killed in action. In the later conflict of the Second World War, Herman's grandson Thomas Read was killed in action - A tragic irony of deaths.

Herman died in 1937 and on the day of his funeral, it was found that his large coffin owing to Herman’s considerable stature could not be manoeuvred out of the house at 28 Hinton Street without upending the coffin. To solve the problem the window of the front room facing on to Hinton Street was removed and Herman made a more dignified exit to be driven along Linacre Road one final time by horse-power to Bootle Cemetery.

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