11th November 1964—Litherland

Litherland Boys County Secondary Modern School
Photographed 11th November 1964
Left to right:
Paul Blake
Mr Beatty - Mathematics Master
Graham Clark
Graham Matchett
The ingenuity which has gone into making a £5 computer at Litherland Boy's County Secondary School, Church Road, is arousing the experts admiration.

The computer housed in a desk top, is portable, it contains 66 tiny light-bulbs and 25 yards of wire. It operates from a low-powered battery on the flashing light principle.

It was built by more than 30 boys of 3T2, guided by Mr, Paul Beatty a mathe- matics master, and its programme is being developed. It can so far muliply, test speeds and do a few geometry calculations.

To-day the boys were visiting County Hall at Preston to see Lancashire County Council's computer in operation.

In this picture, Paul Blake, aged 13, and Graham Clark aged 13, both of Litherland and Graham Matchett, aged 12 of Ford are operating the school's computer under Mr Beatty's guidance.
24th November 1964—Preston

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