With Thanks to Peter Woolley
Anne Dunne ... an early publicity shot

With Thanks to Peter Woolley
Anne left and future husband Georges in the Mongadors
With Thanks to Peter Woolley
Anne with one of the Mongadors
With Thanks to Peter Woolley
Anne The Juggler
A Liverpool born show business star and heroine of the French Resistance has been buried at her adopted home in France. Anne Dunne was born in 1908 and raised in Litherland with her four brothers and sisters. Members of her family still live on Merseyside.

She recently died aged 91 and was, as she had always wanted, buried in France.

Her sister-in-law also called Anne Dunne, lives in Netherton. She said: " She was an amazing woman. She travelled all over the world and really had quite a life. She was very brave during the war and the family is very proud of her and her achievements."

Anne led a remarkable life after following her Tiller Girl mother into the world of showbusiness. While performing at Blackpool Tower in 1926, she met her future husband, Georges Chambeyron, a member of a juggling family the Mongadors. With the family she performed in shows at glamorous venues like the Winter Gardens in Berlin and the New York Palace.

They were performing in Copenhagen in 1939 when the war broke out. From their home in Aurillac they set up their own resistance movement, when France was occupied by the Germans.

Their dedication resulted in official recognition by the British Goverment.

After the death of her husband in 1959, Anne eventually moved back to England and made her home in London, where she became involved in the showbusiness charity the "Lady Ratlings."

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