The entry for Litherland, Orrell & Ford in the Mannex Directory of 1854

The entry for Litherland starts at page 660 and then continues on the bottom of page 666. Orrell & Ford can be found at page 661 and 669.

In 1854, Seaforth and Waterloo were part of the township of Litherland, hence the entries in the Litherland Directory below. With the re-organisation of local government in 1894, the Urban District of Waterloo-with-Seaforth came into existence.

An interesting entry for Ford, shows there to have been a brewery situated there at one time, run by William Knowles. The Knowles family were farmers, property and landowners in the district and the 1901 census shows a Knowles family member to be living in Ford House, built in the locally known 'Bluebell Woods'. The Tailor's Arms, the Litherland Hotel and the Red Lion are all listed too. The farmer Joseph Holmes of Sandy Lane, Seaforth listed in the directory is most probably the inspiration for the name 'Holmes Lane' off Bridge Road, which was usual to name new roads after the farm/farmer that the road ran through.


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