Sea View House — Litherland Park
Sea View was a large Victorian house with extensive grounds in Litherland Park. In the late Victorian era, through the First World War and beyond the house was occupied by the Dimler family - German immigrants. The head of the house was George Dimler a pork butcher to trade, whom over the years built up a successful pork butcher business with many shops in Liverpool and Bootle.

During the First World War with the sinking of the Lusitania and the loss of a great number of lives, which included many Merseysiders amongst the crew, including Litherland men - rioting broke out in Liverpool. The rioting quickly spread through the districts from Scotland Road, along Stanley Road eventually reaching Linacre Road and down Bridge Road. Many German owned properties and businesses were attacked, ransacked and looted in Litherland. The police eventually making a baton charge on Linacre Road to disperse the rioters and make arrests. During the rioting in Litherland a mob attacked the Dimler home in Litherland Park causing damage to the property.

Two of the Dimler family enlisted in the army at Seaforth Barracks in 1915 - George and Charles Dimler.

The following is an extract from the Crosby Herald, with regard to the attack on the Dimler home.
(I've withheld the name of the offender and his address in Seaforth)

Extract from the Crosby Herald 22nd March 1915:

One of the chief sufferers by the rioting was Mr W. Dimler, a naturalised British Subject, of Litherland Park, whose shops in Liverpool and Bootle were entirely smashed. When news came that the disorder was spreading on Monday, Mrs Dimler and her household left the residence early on Monday evening. It was as well for them that they did, for later at night the mob paid a visit to the premises, and finding the house deserted and locked up commenced to demolish everything they could. The windows were smashed, and considerable damage was done at the rear of the house. Detective Inspector Fyles and P.C. Mason were called to the place, and despite the hostile attitude of the crowd they succeeded in arresting a man named C. N. of Seaforth, who is alleged to have attempted to set fire to the house by lighting a bundle of rags in one of the back rooms the window of which had been broken. Another rioter was also seized by the police, but the attitude of the crowd was so threatening, and their resistance so determined, that the man was able to get away from his captors.

The man whose arrest is recorded above came before the Bench at the County Magistrates Court the following day. C. N., who lodges in Seaforth, was charged with attempting to set fire to a dwelling-house in Litherland Park, the property of Mrs Dimler.

Sea View
The Dimler Family - Litherland Park
Occasion of Daughter's Wedding 1904
George Dimler the founder of the 'Pork Butcher' shops is sitting next to the dog, his wife Barbara is standing behind him

( Note the house in background )

Site of the original house from an O.S. Map - Surveyed 1889/91
The 1890s OS maps were very accurate - every tree you see on the map was actually at that location

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