Wooden Swing Bridge circa 1909
With the coming of the canal through Litherland c 1770s, the first Red Lion Inn and Smithy were built to cater for the passing trade of bargemen and passengers of the packet boats that ran the length of the canal. A timetable from 1832 shows a daily canal packet to Manchester leaving Liverpool at 6.00am and arriving at 8.15pm at a cost of 6 shillings (30p). The cost from Liverpool to Litherland was 8d (3p) and 1 shilling to Ford (5p).

The earliest recorded landlord of the Red Lion was a Robert Critchlow c 1820s of Henry Blezard Brewery, Burnley. The inn was owned by the brewery, the name 'Blezard' still visible on the Red Lion in the photograph. The initials 'RB' are inscribed on a decorative piece of stonework on the front facade of the building, which stood for Robert Blezard the head of the business at the time of the rebuilding of the Red Lion.
Contributed by the late Paddy Cinnamond

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