1939 -1945

 Bryant & May Diamond Match Works - Linacre Road

Auxilliary Fire Service
The smouldering ruins of the 'Matchy' after the Luftwaffe 'May Blitz' on Merseyside - 1st/8th May 1941. To increase the water being directed onto the blazing factory, the canal was used as an auxiliary water supply to fight the blazing factory, with the level of the canal recorded as dropping by 2 feet. The fire and glow in the night time sky from the burning factory was reported as being seen as far away as North Wales. The factory never re-opened as a result of the damage inflicted on the night of the 3rd May 1941.
National Fire Service
The photograph was taken looking across the 'Timber Yard', which looked on to Linacre & Violet Roads

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