1939 -1945

St Andrew's Church Hall
Located between Kirk Road and St Andrew's Road on Linacre/Stanley Roads
Kirk Road is visible to the left with St Andrew's Road and St Andrew's Church to the right
Women's Voluntary Service
A double tragedy lies within this shattered building - On the night of 3rd May 1941, two high explosive bombs hit the building killing all inside, an estimated 60 people died. The hall was being used as a temporary shelter for bombed-out victims who where being cared for by a group of local Women's Voluntary Service (WVS). The bodies were removed to a mortuary in Marsh Lane, which too was bombed, resulting in the victims from the church hall not being able to be identified except for the WVS women who were known to have been on duty in the hall that night. The human remains from the mortuary were buried in a communal grave, the service being performed by the Bishop of Liverpool. A number of Litherland women were among the WVS whom lost their lives that night. The new St Andrew's Hall was dedicated to these brave WVS ladies.

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