1939 — 1945

James Douglas Shearer
Royal Naval Canteen Service

Died Aboard H.M.S. Dasher — 27th March 1943
Commemorated — Chatham Naval Memorial
Son of John William and Florence Helena Shearer

James Douglas Shearer H.M.S. Dasher
Jimmy Shearer
With Thanks to Gordon Ray
HMS Dasher
Battle Honours:
Atlantic 1942 - North Africa 1942 - Arctic 1943 
Medals Awarded to James Douglas Shearer
1939-1945 Star
The Atlantic Star
The War Medal
Medals Awarded to Jimmy Shearer
1939-45 Star
Atlantic Star
War Medal
H.M.S. Dasher
Battle Honours: Atlantic 1942 - North Africa 1942 - Arctic 1943

H.M.S. Dasher was an escort aircraft carrier of the 'Avenger' class, converted from the merchant vessel Rio de Janeiro and completed by the American shipyard of Tietjen and Laird in 1942. She displaced 8,200 tons (8331.6 tonnes), was 468ft (142.6m) long, 66ft (20.1m) in the beam, drew 21ft (6.4m) and carried a crew of 555 men. Her engines were rated at 8500 horsepower and she was capable of 16kts. She mounted three 4inch and fifteen 20mm guns and carried 15 aircraft. She was supplied to the Royal Navy under the 'lend-lease' scheme. She first sailed from Halifax with convoy HX205 arriving in the UK in September 1942. She then took part in operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa, in November 1942. On her return to the UK she underwent repairs and modifications and rejoined the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow in February 1943. She sailed for Murmansk with convoy JW53 but, after only two days, was forced to turn back following heavy storm damage to her hull. After further repairs she was preparing to return to active service when, on 27 March 1943, she was lost in the Firth of Clyde following an aviation fuel explosion, sinking in 3 minutes with the loss of 27 officers and 331 ratings of her company.

Chatham Naval Memorial
Chatham Naval Memorial

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