Irving Street Flood 20th/21st June 1933
"Indescribable scenes of havoc and tragic loss of life were the terrible toll of the cloudburst which raged over Seaforth, Litherland and Bootle on Tuesday. The cloudburst occurred late in the afternoon, and roaring torrents of water marooned people, flooded houses and disorganised traffic. The flood was preceded by flashes of lightening and claps of thunder. Roads were rendered impassable, passengers were stranded in trams and buses, and people were unable to leave Seaforth Station, hundreds of city workers bound from Liverpool having to be rescued by all sorts of impromptu ferries."

As reported in the Crosby Herald of 24th June 1933

The three photographs were taken in the early hours of the 21st June during the clean-up operations. During this flood, a cyclist was drowned under the railway bridges between Violet Road and Akenside Street.

Irving Street was situated at the bottom of Palmerston Drive, Hapsford and Langton Roads. The houses shown are numbers 46 & 44 that looked onto the 'Cinder Path' and the Liverpool to Southport railway line. The building shown next to number 46 Irving Street is the Fairway Club of 67 Palmerston Drive.

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