1939 - 1945

Senior Air Raid Warden A.R.P.  Richard Jones G.M.
Died October 1942
Graphics by Ronnie Cusworth 2004

Richard Jones
Senior Air Raid Warden
73 Moss Lane

For Meritorious Conduct
During The May Air Raids 1941
Liverpool Post & Echo 1943:—

The May-time attacks can fairly be reckoned a major engagement in the Battle of the Atlantic. The result was a genuine British victory. For this defensive achievement the citizens of Merseyside and the Civil Defence Services has the right to regard the outcome of the May-time raids as in some sense his or her personal achievement. Whether warden or ambulance driver, rescue worker or W.V.S. cook, fireman or first-aid worker, each one can look back on May week of 1941 and can say :—

" That was my battle. I helped to win that victory. When Britain stood alone, and the enemy struck at her most savagely, I had my chance to help the country keep fighting—and I took it."

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