Beach Road School 1915
Beach Road School opened in 1908 with the first Headmaster being Mr Walter F. Thomkins tragically died (63) at the Royal Southern Hospital, Fazakerley from injuries suffered outside of his house at 19 Sefton Road, Litherland during the May Blitz 1941 whilst on Fire Watching duty. He had been headmaster at Beach Road School for 33 years and Corps Superintendent of the local St John's Ambulance Brigade during the Second World war.

During 1917, the school was taken over by the military authorities, becoming a military hospital. The school moved to the Wesleyan Sunday School building on Linacre Road, returning to Beach Road School in 1920. A public library opened in the school in 1928 eventually closing with the opening of the new libary on Linacre Road in 1937.

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