The King's Liverpool Regiment Memorial
St John's Gardens

The monument is dedicated to the men who died in the service of the Regiment
Ronnie Cusworth Postcard Collection

The monument is Grade II listed.

The inscription on the front reads:

The King’s Liverpool Regiment, this monument is erected by the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the regiment and by the grateful people of Liverpool in memory of their comrades and fellow citizens who died during the campaigns in Afghanistan 1878-80, Burma 1885-87 and South Africa 1899-1902. Some fell on the field of battle, some died of wounds and some of disease, but all gave their lives for the honour of the regiment their city and their country.

The left arch wing reads: “Afghanistan 1878-80”, beneath appears the names of the dead.
The right arch reads: “South Africa 1899-1902”, beneath appears the names of the dead.

The monument’s centre pedestal has the figure of Britannia mourning the regiment’s dead. Her right hand is raised, while in her left she holds a spray of laurel and carries a shield.

At each end is a soldier from different periods of the regiment’s history standing at ease. The regiment’s standard and other military regalia lie on the step at the foot of the central pedestal.

At the rear of the pedestal are the badge of the regiment, a sphinx, laurel twig, and the figure of a drummer boy, behind him are banners, a cannon and a musket

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